In a recent interview with Mitch Lafaon Ace Frehley talked about Paul Stanley’s contribution on hid forthcoming album “Origins Vol.1” (Ed this means that there is a Vol.2 on the way, right?) as well as the possibility for a KISS reunion… since, he couldn’t get in touch with Gene Simmons, he called Paul Stanley who happily accepted his invitation to sing lead on Free’s “Fire And Water” for the album. “I didn’t actually see Paul,” he said, “’cause I was busy mixing and overdubbing, and he was very busy at the time, so we just forwarded him the basic tracks, and him and his engineer threw on the lead vocal, and while he was doing that, I was doing something else. And then we got it back, and I took it home with me and threw down the guitar solos. And it just kind of came together. It’s amazing how quickly and painlessly you can work these days with e-mails. You just fly stuff into Pro Tools and it pops up on the screen, and you’re good to go, as long as you know what you’re doing”. As for the matter of returning to KISS, Ace said: We haven’t discussed that at this point,” he said, “but I’m not ruling it out. I’ve always said that, you know, I always leave the door open […] There have been rumors and stuff, but there hasn’t been any talk of us getting back together. Right now it’s just the excitement of this record, and I’m very excited about ‘Fire And Water’. There’s a good chance that we’re gonna release that as a single, maybe. Paul’s really happy with the way it turned out, I’m very happy, the record company’s very happy, so we’re just moving forward in a positive way. And whatever happens in the future, it happens, or if it doesn’t, it doesn’t.”