You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best…The Hottest Band In The World…KISS!

The legendary series of special articles by Sakis Nikas is back by public demand! More than 35 interviews with band-related figures that were first published back in… 2008!

Take a minute to think about it… How many KISS fans had been given chills down their spine by the sheer listening to this famous intro, only seconds before their favorite band hits the stage and gives a performance that would be permanently engraved to their memory? On the 30th of January, 2008 KISS celebrated 35 years of constant presence and decided that it was the right time for… not just another special article. You see, it would be too easy to put down on paper (or more likely on word processor) some milestones in KISS’ career.

However, we wanted to give to the entire KISS Army a gift to remember and cherish! More than 35 noteworthy KISS-related figures that have been connected at a point in their lives with KISS turn back the hands of time and remember their KISS experience. We will be adding the recollection of a different KISS-related figure, like Jim Vallance, Bob Gruen, Robert Fleischman, Jay Messina etc. Sit back, relax and enjoy this Rocket Ride…

The introduction belongs to non-other than KISS’ first manager, Bill Aucoin. Let’s see what he had to say…

I would like to congratulate on this effort. KISS was one of the most important bands of the 70s and the fact that they are still here is evident of their dynamics. Everyone knows how I got to meet Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter. If I hadn’t been in the Hotel Diplomat that summer of 1973, music history would surely be different. There are many who state that I was the one who brought KISS to the top. The truth is that they helped me build a career in a different professional field. Also, if there wasn’t for Neil Bogart and Sean Delaney, who both shared my vision, then KISS wouldn’t release a record (at least from Casablanca) or wouldn’t have created the details of the now famous KISS show.

I am really glad hat Gene and Paul decided to release many 70s concerts. There are more…and I am confident that they will release them at a point in the future. Yes, there is also video-material from 1978, that is before May and the shooting of KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park.

When I saw them in the Reunion Tour, I was glad to watch the old show –more or less-, but mostly I really enjoyed that they gave the opportunity to many people to witness the KISS live experience.

Sakis, when you asked me to tell you any unpublished story, I really couldn’t think of one who hasn’t been told or published over the years. KISS fans are so loyal that always search for the smallest detail! Take for example the special article that you are preparing right now! It is a well-known fact how the photo-shoot for Creem took place, the incident with Paul who was trying to ask me for some money and he saw the hole in my shoe, the overcharge of my American Express so as to keep KISS on the road back in 1975 or the famous Tom Snyder show that I had a great time (although Gene was furious)!

KISS Fans are one of a kind…they deserve the best! Once again, congratulations on a great effort!

Bill Aucoin