Sally Steele, CEO, founder, publisher and editor in chief of Vegas Rocks! magazine,recently conducted an interview with singer Klaus Meine of German hard rock veterans SCORPIONS. Here’s an excerpt:

“After we did the [last] ‘farewell’ tour, we really don’t wanna talk about another farewell tour. We don’t wanna make any predictions for the future whatsoever. Because, I mean, we lost some close friends in the last couple of months. Our manager, Peter Amend, it’s almost a year ago he’s gone, and our tour manager, Michael Gehrke, passed away earlier this year, so we went through some tough…. last couple of months. At the same time, we were making this record and we’re back on the road and everything. But you realize that it can be all over just tomorrow — you know, you just realize. When something like this happens — a real tragedy — you don’t take anything for granted anymore. So we enjoy the day, we enjoy what we’re doing, but you never know. So no predictions. We’re here right now, and we enjoy, and when we come to America, we wanna give our fans a great show and not too much thinking about what might be next year, what might be 2017. I know about 2018, so I will be 70. That’s scary. I wanna say… I watching THE ROLLING STONES last year here in Germany, in Berlin, and next to me was Steven Tyler [AEROSMITH], and Steven and me were watching Mick Jagger — he was dancing and going totally crazy. And I said to Steven, ‘Look, Steven, this guy is 70 now. Isn’t that amazing?’ And Steven Tyler went, ‘Klaus, I’m 66!’ And I said, ‘Well, me too, man.’ So all of us are growing older, but we’re still out there with the same passion. And I guess we’re young at heart, and we get so much energy from the audience, from the fans, and that’s a great thing.”