Klaus Schubert’s Rock Bunnies – Speedmachine

Austrian guitarist Klaus Schubert, member of the band No Bros, is a tremendously well-known artist in his country. At some point he cooperated with four amazing ladies, cool musicians all of them and Rock Bunnies (ex Blues Bunnies) was born. This album is a fine garden filled with Blues/Rock plantation, sweet guitars, a variety of tempos and a certain atmosphere breathing Purple, Heep, Snake…

Barbaric riffing and fabulous voices, I gotta hand it to them, female voice does bind with all those melodies. “Puppets on a string”, “Heartbreakers”… Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the seventies! “Desperados on the run” and AC/DC get married to all the above mentioned English bands inside a dreamy instrumental! Hammond, HQ orchestrations, songs made for huge arenas… And don’t you think, not even for a minute, that the album is over cuz the studio songs are done. You are in for a bunch of live recordings with “When a blind man cries” (Deep Purple) starting off; although the band is playing, during the first chorus at least, the “Child in time” melody… The fact is the band sounds awesome live as well, check it out!