The Canadians decided not to take a break after the successful, I would say, “High Priestess” and their even more successful tour with Kiss.

They recorded five songs originally performed by some of their greatest compatriots and I may safely say that they take a very good grade in this section as well. On all five songs they managed to put their own mark, their personal touch and of course their dynamic aided of course by Johnny K who was behind the mixing desk. “Lay It On The Line” (Triumph), “Sign Of The Gypsy Queen” (April Wine), “Black Velvet” (Alannah Myles), “Let It Ride” (Bachman-Turner Overdive) and  “Spirit Of The Radio” (Rush) are performed exceptionally and something tells me that we are going to listen to them live in their following concerts.

If I had to single out some of these covers, I would vote for “Sign Of The Gypsy Queen” by April Wine. They may be forgotten by many but they have their own history in rock music.

I think that “Words Of The Prophets” is a very good thought for the present state of Kobra And The Lotus and that the… words of the prophets are auspicious for them.