At last! A band from Australia that doesn’t sound like AC/DC, even though they do play streetwise hard rock! Koritni are no rookies, they’ve been around, since their debut album was out five years ago, while before that they were called Green Dollar Colour, on French label Bad Reputation that won’t let bands like this slip way at any cost!

On this new album Koritni manage to deliver some very beautiful songs, that makes this CD a great treat. What’s most important about “Welcome To The Crossroads” is that it is complete, and it provides variety that starts off with classic rock combined with some Southern flavours (“Down At The Crossroads”), that becomes even more modern American radio friendly either full throttle (“Better Off Dead”, “Party’s Over”) or mellower (“Hold On”, “Lost For Words”). Everything is right on this album, which is also graced with the participation of Jeff Scott Soto, who I must say I didn’t even notice while I was listening, and Jeff Waters whose contribution is kind of odd, since these guys have nothing to do with what we’ve used of him… who knows?
Another fact of the album is that the crystal clear, and ballsy mix belongs to Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, AC/DC, Buckcherry, Corrosion of Conformity, Theory of a Deadman, Van Halen, Slipknot, Enter Shikari, Bad Religion, about enough don’t you think?), and the cover was designed by Mark Wilkinson (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Marillion, OK I’ll stop here!).