Korn returned after the very good” The Path Of Totality” album experimenting with dubstep but also this is the return of Brian” Head” Welch to his position after 8 years.

After the first disappointment with the first single” Never Never”, which is a very nice pop song, certainly not what we expected from the return of Head, but things came into place with the release of the album. With ”The Paradigm Shift” by Korn definitely do not sound as experimental as we were used to, though they seem to have found a balance between electronic components and heavy riffs.

Apparently willfully and probably because of Head, the album has strong elements that we loved in the past of the band and albums such as” Issues” and” Folow The Leader” with characteristic groove and low tuned guitars that built the entire nu metal scene. Ray Luzier is awesome once again and together with Fieldy have made a very nice and tight rhythm section.

In conclusion Korn returned with a very good album, worthy to be at the home of every fan of their music.