Kotipelto & Liimatainen – Blackoustic


Maaan, I really missed an album the likes of WhiteSnake’s (well, two of them actually) “Starkers” saga… Thankfully, only a few centuries have passed by since and now we’ve got those fine Suomi gentlemen coming over and keeping us good company with their voices and guitars. The two artists met at Cain’s Offering and decided to do a lil’ thing of their own, too. This album is an independent production of their own and it was meant to be sold at every live they were giving. Then EarMusic got in the ring and the album debuted at Νο 13 in the Finnish charts!

Don’t need to say anything about Kotipelto’s voice, the man owns one of the warmest, most amazing throats in Rock music. Yes, his accent is not the best in the world but, seriously, is there anyone who cares about that? His superlative voice makes sure everything is alright and fantastic and dreamy. On the other hand, Jani Liimatainen, apart from playing lead guitar, he’s performing some amazing backing vocals… Man, this is some serious team player. When you’ve got a musician like that on your side, you make sure you sound even better, thus Timo sounds even more divine. Setlist contains original material as well as songs from Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica, to mega hits by Deep Purple and Rainbow! Almost every single song in the set is a highlight! 

Personally, I would rather have this album recorded live, including the audience vibe as well, however this is just a request and not criticism. The songs and the artists performing abilities are such that the only thing I need right now is a Live DVD, with the two gents playing the album songs plus many more surprises; acoustic shows are so special one simply has to fall in love with them.