James Kottak’s solo outfit releases its brand new album without any real differentiation from the predecessor “Rock N’ Roll Forever”…not even in regards with the cover sleeve! This is yet another sample of modern US Rock N’ Roll, ideal for party occasions, car rides and generally anything that relates to an extreme lifestyle! The main characteristic of the compositions is that –despite the fact that are not catchy or memorable with the first listening- they are written in a way that you are left with the impression that you have listened to them before…this could be either positive or negative, right?
One doesn’t find the outstanding track or the potential hit but I must say that the album is not by any means dragging or boring. We should also note that Athena (Kottak’s ex-wife) is not behind the drums anymore due to personal reasons.
All in all, if you had enjoyed Kottak’s previous record then “Attack” won’t let you down…as for the rest, well…listen to a couple of songs first before you buy the record.