According to TMZ, founding AEROSMITH drummer Joey Kramer has filed a lawsuit against his bandmates, claiming that they are not allowing him to return to the group after a temporary disability.
Kramer says he suffered minor injuries in the spring of 2019 but was ready to return for the fall leg of the band’s Las Vegas residency shows. But instead of being welcomed back as expected, Kramer claims he was subjected to a brand new band policy he did not approve of, where he would have to audition to prove he was “able to play at an appropriate level” in order to regain his drummer role.
According to Kramer, the band asked him to perform a series of solo rehearsals against a “click track” as his audition, after which they would listen to the recordings to decide whether he would be allowed to come back to the group. In the meantime, Kramer has covered the cost of a replacement drummer at a rate of $20,000 a week for performances and $10,000 a week for rehearsals. (According to Rolling Stone, AEROSMITH’s contract states that all members are entitled to their full share of live performance income even if they’re sidelined, although the replacement’s pay comes out of absent member’s cut.)
Kramer says he finally and begrudgingly auditioned with the “click track” in early January, but was prohibited from rejoining because, as he was told, he “did not have enough energy” in the recordings.
He wants the court to order him back in the band to avoid “irreparable harm” to him.