Krisiun – Forged In Fury


It seems that this is the year where many historic death metal bands release their new albums. 20 years after their debut album, the guys from Brazil kindly give to us their 10th album. A band that is together from the beginning, rare thing to see. Except from the period 1990-1994 where they had a second guitarist, since their debut they decided that they work better as a 3-piece band.

So, the 3 brothers Alex Camargo, Max Kolesne and Moyses Kolesne (Alex uses their father’s surname while the others use their mother’s) play in this album as we know so many years now. Guitars, drums and vocals who are, as the title says, forged in fury.

Even if they don’t reach the standards of their oldest releases, they haven’t release a bad album so far and “Forged In Fury” is not an exception. If I had to pick some songs that would be “Ways Of Barbarism”, “Dogma Of Submission”, “Soulless Impaler” and “Oracle Of The Ungod” not meaning that the rest are not good. Fans of death metal, take your time and listen to them.

Bonus: The digipak version contains 2 extra songs, “Earth’s Cremation” and a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Electric Funeral”.