PRESS RELEASE: January 27th, 2017 marks the release of “BIG ROCKS”, the brand new studio album of Switzerland’s legendary hard rock act KROKUS. On “BIG ROCKS” KROKUS are paying tribute to bands and artists like Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who, Steppenwolf, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones and many more by presenting their very own versions of classic tracks such as “My Generation”, “Tie Your Mother Down”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “Quinn The Eskimo”, “Born To Be Wild” and others. “BIG ROCKS” offers a total of 14 tracks: 13 cover songs and a re-recorded version of KROKUS’ hit “Backseat Rock N’ Roll”, all of them flawlessly executed, brilliantly interpreted and spiced up with the typical KROKUS edge. Well done, boys! Very well done!

As a first single KROKUS have chosen their very own rendition of Folk-Rock classic “The House Of The Rising Sun”. It is safe to say that the legendary Swiss hard rockers managed to breathe new life into the track by overhaulin’ it Krokus-style!

Bassist and producer Chris von Rohr describes his first encounter with the song as follows: “The first time I came across this song was in the wild sixties. I was lying on my bed and all of a sudden I heard the voices of a thousand angels sing.”

It was this exact feeling the band tried to capture with their own version of the song and the result speaks for itself: “The House of the Rising Sun” by KROKUS sounds raw and loud yet embodies the soulful sound of the original.