Kryptos – Afterburner


What? Heavy metal from India? It’s like saying there are still virgins on Motley Crue’s tour bus…

That could be the intro from a review in Kerrang! back in the day (and by the way, that’s exactly what they wrote about Greek metal band Spitfire in 1986)… but, the fire of metal burns strong in Asia, and thanks to the internet, these days we have that knowledge.
Kryptos have already released four studio albums and have established themselves in their country and beyond, having played several shows in Europe. “Afterburner” is a tour de force for their brand of old school metal, bringing to mind glorious moments of Motorhead, Kreator, Maiden, Priest and several of our other favourite monsters. The vocals are thrashy and streetwise, something that suits their style and sound. Kryptos know how to write good and catchy songs, while keeping listeners’ interest high from start to finish.

“Dead Of Night” touches perfection with a machine gun like riff, melodies that stick to the brain like chewing gum, perfectly matching the thundering drums and nightmare-ish vocal performance. And all engorged in a darkness and claustrophobic atmosphere. What’s most important are the discreet keyboards sounds that truly make a difference when they kick in. It might not sound original and authentic, but this is the song older purist metalheads will most relate and give the thumbs up to. Another two stand-out tracks, “On The Run” and “Into The Wind”, the first a totally vintage, transforming into a true heavy metal gem, the other the album closer, with a slightly slower tempo, it’s trippy and bangs like an animal, the melody carved in your brain.

These eight songs leave a fine impression, forming a solid album and raising expectations for the future.