LA Guns Locked And Loaded Live

One of the greatest hard rock albums by one of the best L.A. bands was performed (almost) in its entirety and all of us, the faithful ones rush to check out and buy “Cocked and Loaded Live”. L.A Guns –the Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns incarnation- celebrated the 31st anniversary of their second album with a show in Las Vegas which was recorded for the ones who couldn’t make the trip and luckily this time around what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas! 

With a crystal clear live sound, a flawless performance and Phil Lewis proving once again –not that it was necessary really- that he remains a sensational frontman while Tracii Guns was firing on all cylinders thus bringing back memories of a time gone but not forgotten. And how could it be otherwise when we are treated with live renditions of such songs as “Rip and Tear”, “Never Enough”, “The Ballad of Jayne”, “Malaria”…magic! And in case you are wondering why I used the word “almost” in my intro of the review, well L.A. Guns chose not to include the opening “Letting Go” (strange as it is a song that barely clocks in at the 1.22 mark) and the instrumental “I’m Addicted” which was replaced by the song “Speed (cued from the 2017 album “Missing Peace”). Details, one might say but these are trivia facts for the ever perfectionist fans out there.

Nevertheless, L.A. Guns are back with a stellar live record which perfectly retains the sleaze aesthetic and the live atmosphere of that night. That’s what really counts, right? Time might have taken its toll but Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns are still kicking ass and show what a great band L.A. Guns is!

Highlight: Why not “Cocked & Loaded Live”? Yes…we are still tracking down trivia facts.