2012 kicks off with a release that I do not know how and by whom it will be overcome. I can not take a guess in terms of what the big bands hold in store for us, however, for the below mentioned category, “Dark Adrenaline” is an album that will characterize the whole year as well as the Italians process in music.

Quality-wise, the new Lacuna Coil album can only be compared to “Karmacode”, regarding their entire recording history. Up lifting, with most of the songs being up tempo, featuring exceptional compositions and an equally exceptional production, “Dark Adrenaline” is giving us not even a chance to ignore it, it’s also brings the band a huge step forward, the very thing that “Shallow Life” couldn’t do, two and a half years ago. The sample we listened to a few months ago, “Trip The Darkness”, is rather representative concerning the new album material. The sound, although appearing super-contemporary, it’s taking us back to the “In A Reverie” days lots of times, something that Cristina Scabbia has stated herself during her interview at Rockpages.gr last month, something that should be debited to the band and the production. Fans that are interested in Lacuna Coil’s cover songs and found satisfactory the “Enjoy The Silence” version on “Karmacode”, they will certainly request a cover album by the band when listening to their cover on “Losing My Religion” (R.E.M.) over “Dark Adrenaline”… It’s truly wonderful and one of the best covers I have ever listened to.

I have every reason to be satisfied by the new Lacuna album. It is a project one can only receive positive things by listening to it and the best certification for the band’s constant rising and evolution.

The fanatic followers of the band can also obtain the limited edition, a beautiful box set with c.d., vinyl and many other goodies, even adrenaline shots….