Lacuna Coil – Delirium


We are dealing with one of the most developing metal bands, a group which never hesitated to move forward and follow the music and sound of their times, if not go a step or two further down the line.

These Italians have long conquered their personal sound which they re-mould every time they present a new piece of work.

In “Delirium” everything mentioned above is easily spotted. It may be Lacuna Coil’s most aggressive album with the guitars of… bassist Marco Zelati getting heavier than ever, Andrea Ferro in an orgy of creation while Scabbia appears to be going through the most creative period of her career. Let’s also point out that Zelati is the person responsible for the quality of the production while his overall contribution in “Delirium” has been the greatest so far compared to the one in other albums.   

So, is “Delirium” worth the ultimate praise? Not really. Although songs like “Downfall”, “Delirium”, “Blood, Tears, Dust”, and maybe some more, really intrigued me when I listened to them, there is something missing as far as the composition is concerned. Lacuna Coil, although they have the skill and ability to enrich their work, they seem to have been trapped in a particular structural pattern which does not allow them to “unfold” their songs. The virtues they carry are many and various and I would love to see them move more freely when they make music.

“Delirium” will of course satisfy the band’s fans and they may manage to win some more fans over. The only reason for me being a little self-contained is the great expectations I have of them!