This is a story of a band… yet it’s the same story you have read about a bunch of bands over the years… The Swedish formed in the early nineties, playing Doom and then they released an album, they played live, they received a nice feedback and they called it quits! In 2000, due to music differences, they stopped, yet, three years later, they’ve had second thoughts and they pulled it back together. I read somewhere that they reunited out of boredom, however I don’t have a clue… Anyway, they kept on releasing albums, they started putting Doom a bit aside and then some more and finally they ended up playing what I listened to (previous album was released four years ago), which is a rather up tempo Metal hybrid, with highly tuned guitars and rough vox… They also do Goth/Dark Rock stuff, listen to “Behind the green door” for instance, this is a Paradise Sisters situation; they also feature Doom elements – I’m sure that’s only natural, considering the band’s background…
I am certain that you will love “U.N.S.A.N.E.” on the spot, it possesses a rather sickened prettiness, it also features a chorus you will fall in love with. In general one will spot pessimism on the album, regarding the melodies and the voice, they are a bit Anathematic, to be honest with you… Not all of them though, songs like “Parasites” belong to Punk territories more, especially with that filthy bass showing up. “Out of control” is an epic, it’s like listening to Kyuss flirting with folk!

You might wanna try the digipack version, as it includes three more songs (recorded live).