As the Palaces Burn’ is a project that began as a documentary about Lamb of God, and more specifically the bond between the fans and the band. Later the initial plan changed completely as frontman Randy Blythe went through an unbelievable roller coaster ride, facing manslaughter charges for the murder of a Czech fan that died after injuries he suffered during a Lamb of God concert.

The first part of the movie deals with the American metallers and the issues that most touring musicians face: The absence from their families, the internal struggles, alcoholism etc. Also mentioned is the big change that Blythe went through, quitting drinking in the last two years.
Further discussed from the band members, but also outsiders such as Slash, is the therapeutic power of this music and the importance it has for artists and listeners alike.
Lamb of God’s journey is abruptly interrupted when Blythe is arrested in Prague. At this point the movie truly gets interesting because this really is a unique incident. It’s an opportunity to witness firsthand the arrest, the prison time, the trial and of course what the accused and his bandmates went through practically, economically and sentimentally.
For this part alone I believe the movie is worth seeing. It is miles away from the ‘sex, drugs and rock n roll’ theme, just an honest recording of an eye-opening situation, well made and with respected individuals and its core.