In a brand new interview with Noisey, Lars Ulrich was asked if he still finds playing in METALLICA inspiring. He responded: “Ten years ago or 30 years ago, it was different. Like, ‘Oh my god, GUNS N’ ROSES. Oh my God, who are these NIRVANA guys! OASIS!’ You were hearing about it, and you wanted to meet them. Nowadays, there aren’t any bands that have had that impact on me. The last time where I was like, ‘Holy fuck! This really inspires me,’ was this band called THE SWORD, from Austin, Texas. Stoner rock, kind of a modern BLACK SABBATH. Super cool. They showed up seven or eight years ago, and I just had to bring these guys on tour. There is a Norwegian band called KVELERTAK. These bands are few and far between nowadays. This is not a black-and-white statement. I know more about film than I do about music because I follow it more. That doesn’t mean if something awesome came and slapped me in the face. then I wouldn’t embrace it; it just shows up less and less.