Last In Line, the band comprised of ex-Dio members Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain, Claude Schnell plus singer Andrew Freeman are releasing their debut album, titled “Heavy Crown”, on February 19th through Frontiers. Recently, the band filmed two videos for “The Devil In Me” and “Starmaker”, while Vivian Campbell on an interview he gave to “Jam” magazine said that the reason the album is out in 2016 is that he wants to be available to tour and that the band’s first show will be on a cruise together with Def Leppard. When asked about whether the new material sounds like Dio he said: “I would say a good 50 percent of the songs would sound right at home on those first three DIO albums, and the others have a bit more of a modern edge to them. I mean, when you get Vinny and Jimmy and I playing, it sounds like the early DIO records, ’cause that’s what it is. Obviously, Andy is a very, very different singer, he’s got a very different instrument, and he writes lyrics very differently. I’m very, very impressed with where Andy has gone lyrically on the record, too; that’s another thing. So it’s great. It is so epic sounding. We’ve got some amazing songs on this, and I’m hyper excited about it, as you can probably tell.”