Leaves’ Eyes – Meredead

I feel like I’m continuing with my voyage with “Njord”… An overwhelming voyage, as long as I was listening to it. This is a pleasant sequel, regarding the sounds of “Meredead”.
The brand new Leaves’ Eyes album sounds like a “Njord” sequel, yet the sea is calmer now. It is a beautiful listening, leading to a melancholic yet adventurous feeling, which I cannot explain that well, however, this is the feeling I’m getting. This album lacks the emotions of the previous, amazing and probably impossible to top, album, yet it clearly certifies that Leaves’ Eyes have their totally own personal sound in the female metal voice area, and in general. The sound in “Meredead” is as Celtic as ever, an element dominating the whole album. A sound perfectly adapted to the band’s characteristics, which is giving us a fabulous result. Over this new album, Liv Kristine and her fellowship is sharing another fine cover version with us. Following the amazing covers (both electric and acoustic) on “Scarborough Fair”, it was time to take “To France” (by Mike Oldfield) in a really fantastic performance; a new version of such a classic song.

I will suggest “Meradead” to all of you, with the hope that this voyage will feature a third part as well.

There are three different editions of the album (c.d. editions for the time being); two of them feature a DVD showing Leaves’ Eyes live gig at the MFVF last year (I haven’t seen it yet, however, should it resemble their 2007 appearance at “We Came With The Northern Winds”, we’ll be talking about it for a long time), whilst, inside the deluxe limited 1.000 copies edition box, there are some pretty give aways included, such as a poster and a beautiful cross (necklace).