Where should we start in regards with all the things that happened with the Norwegian outfit before “Sign Of The Dragonhead” landed on our desk for review? Whether they like it or not, Leave’s Eyes headed into a path where they will have to prove that they remain a force to be reckoned with after Liv Kristine’s sudden departure. If Kristine left or was fired that remains to be seen…so, let’s see what the band had in store for us with its first offering with the unknown Finnish singer, Elina Siirala.

“Sign Of The Dragonhead” is an album that includes all the familiar sonic elements of Leave’s Eyes past although the Viking atmosphere is more prominent than ever. The war theme prevails throughout the album although I must say that it gets tiring at certain points (especially during the song “Riders On The Wind” where I barely tolerated it)!

Having said that, I’d honestly say that “Sign Of The Dragonhead” is a really good album that will not disappoint anyone as Elina is doing a splendid job throughout the record. Naturally all the celtic and folk elements can be found here thus making the whole sonic experience a most pleasant one. The only possible objection on the new album is the fact that Alexander Krull is the one that pulling the strings right now whereas in the past Liv Kristine was the figure that put the Leave’s Eyes stamp on the musical forefront. Krull’s roots should be traced in Atrocity and not in the symphonic metal genre.