Leaves’ Eyes – The Last Viking


The journey of the Norwegian trireme continues for 16 years in the dark seas of the Baltic and North Seas with beautiful and imposing fjords despite the changes in its crew in some of its stops. Alexander Krull and Thorsten Bauer hold the ropes well like good captains and try with dignity to keep it from the squeaks brought about by the loss of the band’s singer in early 2016, the charismatic Liv Kristine.

The second sonic effort of the band with Elina Siirala on the vocals is entitled “The Last Viking” and is more than respectable. Naturally we are treated with nothing less than symphonic / folk metal; after all the band has never played any other style. But with this record, however, Leaves’ Eyes sound fresh and re-energized. The new singer might not have the theatricality of her predecessor, but she seems perfectly capable for this position, being of a fairly new school of vocal training and an overall very talented singer. On the album, the song-tempo, mainly in the folk element, is increased compared to “Sign Of The Dragonhead” with some exaggerations, perhaps, such as in “Varangians”, but overall the Norwegians are entitled to be proud of their work.

“The Last Viking” may not be the best album of Leaves’ Eyes, but it is a beautiful, traveling sound, which I am sure will satisfy the friends of this demanding music genre.