Former Uriah Heep and Ozzy Osbourne drummer Lee Kerslake was given 8 months to live by his doctors according to an interview he gave to the Metal Voice. “It’s prostate cancer  but it’s moved to rest of my body I have now have bone cancer which is nasty one, so the Doctor gave me about  eight months to live”, says Kerslake.  “But  I’ve been fighting all the way.  Five years ago they gave me four years to live and so that gives you an idea.  Not only have I got bone cancer I’ve got psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and two heart murmurs.  As I said to you I’m fighting it and there’s no telling what can happen and they might have a new drug come out  and I’ll experiment with it if it keeps me alive. I survived this long and all this time I have had this terminal cancer but I have defied it because the music kept me fighting”, he adds.

Also, the drummer is working on his biography documentary for which he seeks financial help: ” I want to finish this documentary which I feel is so important to educate and inspire the people in the world who have illnesses, so that they can overcome them. I don’t know from one day to the next what’s gonna happen to me at the moment every day it’s getting worse and worse and it’s hard to fight because one minute you’re up, then one day later you’ve got five days of agony. You want to give up but you don’t.The one thing I’m doing is keeping myself  going with the documentary but we need help we need financial help. I put my last pennies and the producer had put her money, as much as she can and bless her heart she deserves a break. So we would love if  people would donate even, if it’s a six thousand people giving a couple of bucks. This money is going to help us get to do the interviews in the documentary with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley in California and the money would get me there. Also Nicko Mcbrain from Iron Maiden wants to help. I wanted people to realize there is camaraderie in the music industry between all the musicians even when we don’t speak to each other for maybe 20 years . I went to Joe Elliot’s house from Def Leppard and he did an interview, I went to Ian Pace’s house and it was bloody wonderful we played drums together. The name of the documentary is called, right now ‘Not On the HEEP’

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