Almost thirty years old Heavy Rockers from Louisiana are ready to present their new project. Steve Blaze, the composer, the producer, the mastermind, is actually happy with this record. “This is the best record I have ever written for Lillian Axe”! On the other hand, we are welcoming Brian Jones, the new singer of the band, who’s debuting on this one.

Crystal clear and shiny Heavy Rock, mostly because of the guitar style (themes, solos etc.); Mr. Jones is laying down his sweet voice, accompanied by Blaze’s backing vocals. Jones is singing in low key, yet he has no problem “lifting off” or step on the accelerator. He reminded me of The Tangent and Spock’s Beard, with music coming to cause a really good ensemble.

The band is playing staccato, melodies are heard crystal, no blurry spots whatsoever, everything is well-put. Naturally, the fact that Sylvia Massey (Tool, Johnny Cash, System Of A Down etc.) did the mixing is the reason for the above. “Take the bullet” is a fully barbaric song, a thunderous headbanger and then you have “Bow your head”, a beautiful ballad, about to drive you to Jackson, Mississippi…  

Steve Blaze, whilst talking about the album, stated “I continue to learn about writing songs, recording, performing”… Isn’t that the best epilogue ever?