We are proud to present our new member Rudy R. Rallis on bass guitar!

Rudy R. Rallis play bass since 1987, in lots of Greek Hard Rock/Heavy Metal bands and he is currently in the band “Danger Angel” since 2007 and Fallen Arise since April 2016. He has already released worldwide two full CD’s with “Danger Angel” (2010 S/T, 2013 Revolutia) under the Hοuston-based record label, “Perris Records”. The band’s new album will come out within 2016. In April 2013, he had his first European tour along with Jeff Scott Soto (USA) and Jorge Salan’s Trio (Spain). He is a proud endorser of Warwick basses (Germany), BulkGR strings (Greece-Italy), Steve Clayton Picks (USA), BadPixels pedals (GR) and Tsunami Cables (USA).

Chris is also no longer with us and Fallen Arise will continue as a five – piece band using a session male singer. We would like to thank Aggelos Mal and Chris for the amazing moments we had and wish
them all the best in their future endeavors.