Lionize – Nuclear Soul


Hammond that kicks ass. Fast rhythm, warm oldie sound and a beautiful rock chorus is the first sample from the new album of Americans Lionize. This is the introductive “Darkest Timeline”, which is deeply influenced by Deep Purple’s MK II period, with Blackmore’s high skills however completely absent.

The “Face of Mars” that follows, shows the band’s love for the most funky soul side of their purple heroes, the MK III period of the great band, and I think that if heard from the average rock fan, it could easily be accepted as a new Black Country Communion song.
In “Fire in Athena” the best song on the album, Lionize offer a great sample of epic hard rock as done by Thin Lizzy and Gary Moore in his 80’s work. An important difference with the rest of the album’s songs is that the guitar takes the reins.

From the synthetic peak of the record and beyond, there are slower, faster and fortunately just one or two indifferent songs. Note that these young Americans are not new to the scene. This is their sixth album, leaving behind any suspicion of successful experimentation with reggae and dub, sounding fresh and confident to enter the classic rock fields.

A release that is definitely above average of similar albums and is worth listening from current and old rockers.