Listen to the entire debut album from Unverkalt, “L’Origine Du Monde”


PRESS RELEASE: The debut album “L’Origine du monde” is now available everywhere and on every online platform. After 3 years of recording, changes in the sound in the compositions with a lot of effort and love, this album took its final form in 2020 and is now available.

During these difficult days, for us it is an important day with the release of the album “L ‘Origine Du Monde”. A piece pf worked that we ran ourselves in quarantine times. We thank all those who contributed to the creation of this album and especially Dimitris Giannakopoulos who helped us to release both Hard Copy Digipack and Special Edition Box from

You can listen to the album from all digital platforms here:

 The album is also available as SPECIAL EDITION BOX/CD/MERCH


Vinyl Store:

Official Website Merch:

Mix-Master: CFN Recordings Studio

Production: Unverkalt

Cover Art: Louis Leung

Photo Of The band: Black Retina Photography (George Kapa)

Vocals  Demetria Kv

Guitars Themis Ioannou

Guitars George Stamkos

Bass Jon Toussas

Drums Yiannis DImitrioy