Lamb Of God released a new song “The Duke” which was written as a tribute to their 33-year old fan, Wayne Ford, who passed away last year after a 5-year long battle with leukemia. Randy Blythe talked about it on an interview on Rolling Stone: “He was just a really inspiring guy to talk to in the way he handled everything. He was just very levelheaded. You hear about people in their old age, when they get accepting of their mortality, that’s kind of natural. This is what that dude went through at age 33, and from talking to his family and his wife, it wasn’t like it was a show he was putting on for the singer of his favourite band like, ‘I am Mr Calm Guy.’ That’s just the way he was. So it was very impressive to me. I learned a lot. I was like, ‘Man, this guy has some dignity. I can only hope I have half of that when it comes to my time.’