One fine morning, my honorable editor-in-chief, Mr. Dolas, asks me if I am interested in a streaming listening session in which Dark Tranquillity would present their upcoming work. If he was by my side at that moment, he would probably go deaf from my screams.

So, I gladly accepted the invitation of Century Media, in which media from around the world went online to listen to the eleventh full-length of the mighty and adored Swedes and to ask them some questions about the band. Excellent choice.

First of all, “Moment” will be released on November 20th by Century Media of course. It is the first album without the founder, guitarist and main composer Niklas Sundin, so I was very curious about how it would sound. Of course, Niklas does not leave the family, since he has designed the beautiful cover and will continue to do the same in future releases, merch as well as for the visuals that DT have in their concerts.

The two new guitar members are Christopher Amott (ex-Arch Enemy) and Johan Reinholdz (Andromeda, Nonexist) who have been playing live with them for three years now, so they know where they are. They complete the line-up around the relatively new Anders Iwers (Ceremonial Oath, Tiamat, ex-In Flames) on bass and the veterans Mikael Stanne (vocals), Anders Jivarp (drums) and Martin Brändström (keyboards). So, DTs do not hold back and keep moving on.

Many conclusions cannot be drawn from a streaming listening session, so from my quick notes I have to say first that “Moment” sounds like a very good album. It reminded me at times of the previous “Atoma” and “Character” as well while the vibe of the historical “Projector” is very strong. Many songs are very atmospheric, melodic, with the wonderful clean vocals of Stanne and excellent keyboards from the always essential and important Brändström.

Another thing that impressed me was the guitar parts, since I found them at times much more technical than usual and with more solos than in the past. I think that the style of play and the new elements that the new guitarists brought to the composition of the songs are clear, since everyone took part in it. But do not imagine super-technical and rambling parts, but there is a difference compared to the past.

In conclusion, “Moment” left me completely satisfied. Quite melodic, with many clean vocals, with more technical guitars, but without missing the absolutely characteristic sound and composition style of Dark Tranquillity that stands out from the first note. Now, we’ll just have to wait for the release to listen it again and again like the rest.

George Terzakis