Lita Ford’s autobiography titled “Lita Ford – Living Like A Runaway: A Memoir” is out on February 23rd through Dey Street Books. The 277-page book that is expected since 2014 will shed light to the guitarist/singer career in the ‘70s as a member of Runaways, her solo career, as well as her personal family drama. In a January 2014 interview with, Ford said about the book: “It’s an autobiography about, well, my life, the paths I’ve taken, all the different musical eras. It’s got all my favorite stories in it. It covers everything really from me growing up to The Runaways to Lita and all the things I’ve been through and experiences I’ve had. (…)Well, things are emotional. There’s deaths, there’s divorce, there’s things that are so goddamn funny that you can’t help it but cry laughing. It’s just a very emotional book”.