Liv Kristine – Libertine

Liv is back with a new album, coming from her personal band this time and I can easily say it’s her best up to date. “Libertine” is a slow tempo project, yet the quality of those eleven songs is high. Regarding inspiration as well as Liv’s vocals, she is in excellent condition.

I’m taking for granted that “Libertine” will be loved by Liv’s fans; I think she’s really underrated, taking under consideration figures and statistics, she deserves a lot more, especially at this time (I will not go on… for security purposes…).

Anyway, the new Liv Kristine album features a series of highlights; title track, “Silence”, “Panic” and “Vanilla Skin Delight“ (with Tobias Regner, German Pop Idol winner, participating). There are no gaps or indifferent spots in this album.

“Libertine” closes with a really good cover on “The Man With The Child In His Eyes” (Kate Bush).

It’s not a release that one would become talkative over it. Those of you interested in listening to beautiful and melodic songs by an enchanting and sweet voice, feel free to invest on this album. The art cover is also amazing. And the voice… this is not just another voice…!