Liv Sin – Follow Me


Swedish Sister Sin broke up in 2015 and the (temporary) disappointment to their fans dissolved by Liv Jagrell’s announcement of a personal career.

“Follow me” by Liv Sin is released and has caused me a personality split.

Personality A: I heard a loud production, awesome riffs, powerful vocals, and wonderful choruses. Thrashy rhythms, the “dirty” bass often overtaking, and there were a few times when I did not get hold of myself and committed to intense headbanging and air guitar. Fast, well polished metal that combines traditional Teutonic sound with modern influences.

Personality B: Plastic-flat sound, strong but does not stand out, “digitalized” vocals influenced by Rob Halford and indifferent songwriting with many repetitions and without the necessary enthusiasm. A mix of old Helloween, Accept, UDO and Lordi (!) that leads me to listen to the original artists.

Personality A prevailed for the first two hearings, but then personality B and my true nature of the experienced metalhead, took control.

I prefer, by far, the hard rock attitude of Liv’s former band, and her vocals at that time. I hold by “Let Me Out,” “I’m Your Sin,” and the cover of Fight’s (feat.Jurki 69) of “Immortal Sin”.

If by any chance your age or psychology fits with personality type A, then there’s no problem. A black dressed chick that goes all out for metal is quite sufficient.