This was one of the albums that I greatly anticipated not only due to the fact that I am a huge Lizzy Borden fan but because I truly believe that the mighty Lizzy has left some serious unfinished business with the spectacular “Appointment With Death”. 11 long and gruesome years have passed since that album and if it wasn’t for Brian Slagel (Metal Blade’s founder) maybe Lizzy wouldn’t have gone into the trouble of recording a brand new album. Well, now, that seems like (almost) a good idea…

You see I cannot be flexible or even tolerant when it comes to my favorite bands that’s why I cannot find a single explanation for the mediocre compositional level of “My Midnight Things”. I must be honest with you; this is the first time that I am disappointed by a single release by Lizzy Borden. However all the classic elements are once again present: the pompous/theatrical atmosphere in the vein of the monumental “Master of Disguise”, the modern yet quite fitting production in the style of “Appointment With Death” (mind you, with less guitars), Lizzy’s flawless performance who puts on his own unique show (he plays everything on the record with the exception of the drums…Joey Scott Harges sits behind the kit)…so, all in all, what’s missing? I thing I made it clear a few lines above: the songs themselves may be sound like Lizzy Borden but they are not exceptional or extraordinary…not by a long shot! There are two exceptions: the title track and “Obsessed With You” that open the album, wet our appetite and leave us…high n’ dry!   

For the occasional listeners, for all those who can deal with mediocrity and are not in search for the sonic perfection, “My Midnight Things” could be their cup of tea. Not me. I only want the best from one of my favorite bands. And this time around, Lizzy Borden didn’t deliver it to me…maybe next time. For the time being, I will go and listen to their entire back catalogue for the umpteenth time!

Highlight: Will there be a tour for the album? If yes, with which line-up?