Lloth – Athanati


Lloth was the band that was founded by Maria “Tristessa” Kolokouri and released a demo tape before changing name to the legendary all-female black metal band Astarte. Some years ago, this name was used again with plans of releasing an album, but unfortunately Maria’s sickness (leukemia) put these plans on hold. Nicolas Maiis, her husband, decided to continue this band to honor her memory and one afternoon in Esoteron studio we listened to the album that was released exactly three years from the day that Maria left this world.

“Athanati” (means “Immortal”) is a great melodic black/death metal album. It has some variety between its songs, as there are different elements and influences in most of them. Even the two songs that were released two years ago as a promo, the self-titled and “I (Dead Inside)” have been reshaped and sound a lot better than before. A release that has lyrics about negative emotions, giving an overall darker tone.

In the final result there are also some special guests, as in the amazing “In The Name Of Love (Sacrifice)” (one of the last songs ever written by Maria) we listen to Efthimis Karadimas (Nightfall, The Slayerking), in “Emptiness” Sakis of Rotting Christ and in the beautiful “Tristessa” only an acoustic guitar and the ethereal voice of Androniki Skoula of Chaostar. Of course, even without them the band’s work is exceptional, but they manage to leave their mark.

The truth is that considering the two promo songs, I was expecting a good record. But, I didn’t expect to be that good. It gets your attention from the first riff until the last and it makes you want to listen to it again and again. It’s a fine job and it makes me look forward for the band’s next step. On the plus side, the amazing cover of the talented Timo Wuerz, who drew this by hand and not in a computer program. Maria would be proud. ATHANATI!