Lonewolf Division Hades

The stubborn warhorses Lonewolf, unleash yet another teutonic infused power metal assault from their lair, situated in the shadow of the French Alps. Tenth studio album, loyal to the tradition that dictates total devotion to the traditional metal style and renouncement of all contemporary trends. Although it stands below the excellence of Heathen Dawn, it still is a fine addition to the band’s streak of great moments. Michael Hellstrom’s absence is obvious mostly on the guitar solo department since they sound less flashy and a bit minimal but the return of Damien Capolongo takes us back to the glorious Made In Hell days. Division Hades and its 10 brand new cuts is accompanied by a bonus disc that contains re-recordings of older songs. Definitely a welcomed gift for the loyal fans.

Lets be realistic though. It is very difficult for bands like Lonewolf to reach new audiences and broaden their fanbase. Βut this fellowship from Grenoble will definitely satisfy its current following which I bet is the desired outcome for them.