Lonewolf – The Heathen Dawn


The over productive French metallers Lonewolf make their comeback with the 4th album in 5 years (and 8th in total). An impressive score nevertheless. Since I have been keeping an eye on them since the first full length album back in 2001, I can easily make the comparisons. Back in the early days, a rough heavy metal approach was the dominant feature but album after album they elevated in every aspect. What definitely changed over the years was the musical progress that band achieved both in terms of musicianship and compositions. The identity though remains intact and true to the style introduced mainly by Running Wild and secondly by Helloween and Accept. The coming of guitarist Michael Hellstrom (also a member of fellow citizens and similar sounding Elvenstorm) proved to be a major turning point since his guitar work is exceptional. The songs are filled with amazing solos, pairing with Jens Borner’s classic riffs. The 11 songs (13 for the limited digipack edition), split almost equally between middle and high speeds, compose a delightful power metal album far from the copycat revival style that has flooded the scene during the last few years. And Lonewolf have been around for more than 20 years…