Lordi – Lordiversity


Those lunatic Finnish guys! Such things were unconceivable even during the glory days of the music industry when people stormed the record stores to purchase their favorite albums and had a considerably longer attention spam compared to these days where social media and the…craziness of everyday life reign supreme. Nevertheless, Lordi has done it again. They’ve managed to shock the people! Mind you; people are rarely shocked nowadays. What they did was to record not one, not two (not even three) but 7 (!!!) brand new studio albums! This is translated in almost 5 hours of new material that is packaged in a deluxe box-set called “Lordiversity” (cool album title or what?).

All this craziness started back in January 2020 when Mr. Lordi had the idea of releasing a fictional compilation album called “Killection” (another cool album title) that captured the ever-changing musical style of this…veteran band through the years. Lordi decided to spend the quarantine time by…well, by being productive! 7…again…7 studio albums in your face! In a few words:

  1. “Skelectic Dinosaur”: pure mid-70s rock n’ roll in the vein of KISS and Alice Cooper. Strong effort.
  2. “Superfly Trap”: Lordi goes disco and the result is absolutely brilliant!
  3. “The Masterbeast From The Moon”: Prog meets pomp rock. Not my cup of tea, really.
  4. “Abusement Park”: 80s hard rock. Lordi hit the bull right between the eyes with this one. Excellent album!
  5. “Humanimals”: A melodic rock/almost AOR album where the music is good but Mr. Lordi’s vocals does not suit well with the overall compositional style.
  6. “Abracadaver”: Almost thrash or in the style of Priest’s classic “Painkiller” track. Cool.
  7. “Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular”: The industrial side of Lordi very close to what Rob Zombie does. Flawless stuff in here.

All in all, Lordi has come up with an amazing and unbelievable record. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but the end result is extraordinary. The question remains: will people find the time and dedicate almost 5 hours to listen even once to this album? I know that I will listen it more than once…and that’s a fact.

Highlight: Raise your hands all those who were present in this tiny club in downtown Athens (Greece) before Lordi’s historical appearance in the Eurovision contest!