Loudness have released twenty five albums up to date! Twenty five albums! Them guys make albums since 1981 and we get to receive a new one every year, since 2008! This is one of the most authentic and workaholic bands ever and, with no doubt, Japan’s No 1 one exporting product.

Pure blooded Metal, influenced by the Judas Priest school, also featuring Hard Rock elements and roughy vocals. Whilst listening to songs like “Break new ground” and “Driving force”, I get to realize that it’s kinda weird for us to wait for a band, with thirty years in the business, to offer something as good as that, however, Loudness know what to do in order to release an album that fans will listen to it and then recommend it to the “rest”. The album’s credentials are the proper ones for such a passing shot. Sharp guitars, huge drums and respective production. “Behind the scene” is a thunderous Metal song, its sound is classic, its texture is modern.

Bass drums explode over “Bang’em dead” and that barbaric intro is leading to a frenzy bulldozer. Riff is a headbanging breeder, the style also points at Megadeth and those totally Metal vox raise the bar of excitement. War zone over “Who the hell cares”, a noise-maker, with a supeRock taste and more blasts at sight.

“Out of the space” is a two minute crazy thing, with a Demon-ic surface; this one could have been featured on the first Demon albums as well. Now, that killer intro will take us to “Deep-six the law”. Heavy, wild, dark and ironic, featuring a crazy improvisation in the middle. Gang vox on the side and galloping. Loudness totally respect their fans and people that listen to Metal; they show it every time, for twenty five times now!