Nice things happen at Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center the last years when it comes to music concerts. Summer Nostos Festival covers many different music styles, from greek traditional to 80s pop and from stoner rock to jazz standards. Last years among others we loved seeing there Animal Collective, Stereo Nova and Planet Zeus.

Always up / must be time

This year the festival’s bill had once again many nice artists and band but the night we saw LOW was one of the best although my expectations were kind of low just a few minutes before the came on stage. Summer of 2019 started with many great concerts and festivals back to back that drained the energy out of us. In addition, for many years LOW were connected in my mind with low temperatures and some rainy evenings with a hot chocolate cup in my hand. Don’t forget that they came from Dulth, Minnesota (somewhere near the border with Canada).

Turn it out / break it down

This time, the concert wasn’t just for a few loyal fans (like it was in 2015 when they played at Fuzz Club). This time the welcoming area of SNF started to get filled with beach straws while the fans took their position in front of the stage. LOW’s music seems simple but that’s far from truth as it is relaxed but yet so much sentimental too and asks from the listener a certain level of concentration while it flows around. Hopefully the stage lights were good enough and helped us focus on the band that stood on a small part of the big stage (smart move). Last but not least the sound was great though out the gig.

All you promised / all your hopes

The captivating melodies of the American trio started to fill the site, Mimi Parker seemed to feel every hit on the leathers of the drums, Alan Sparhawk was melodic at times and lost on drone noise at other times while Steve Garrington was nicely driving with the low sequences of the bass over the vocal harmonies of the couple. Many call their style slowcore but I think slow tempo rock is more accurate of what LOW are doing, and they are doing it well, even when you start to get bored a new melody hits you and takes you by the hand, I saw many people with closed eyes moving dreamily their heads following the rhythm. LOW had a long discography (at their 12th album already!) so it was easy for them choosing many favorite songs but what I really liked were the ones from the latest album (“Double Negative”) which is a great album.

® live report/photography: Konstantinos Mindcrime