Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody – Ascending To Infinity

As you all know, the guitarist and the keymaster (Alex Staropoli) got a musical “divorce”, which led to two versions of the band. Staropoli continues with Rhapsody Of Fire and Turilli is moving on with this one, featuring a new singer plus a new drummer (Luca is the one handling the keyboards as well). Works for this album began a year ago and Turilli keep on doing what he knows best; extra-expensive productions and tons of labor.
“Ascending to infinity” is PERFECT, technique-wise that is. It’s amazing, it’s spectacular, it’s the very definition of human perfectionism. However, it’s very possible you listen to the entire album without distinguishing a single note. I would recommend it for the “insiders” only, although Rhapsody have sold more than 1.500.000 albums worldwide and there are many peeps really loving what they do.

Splendid choir parts, singing in Italian and English, endless melodies, baroque and fantastic style… “Dante’s Inferno” is filled with impressive spots, same goes for eight-min long “Excalibur”, however… I got to listen to the album, was shocked – still am – with the excellent composing skills of Mr. Turilli (who’s done everything on this one – composingwise), yet I want to listen to songs! Unless Luca wants to take this album and turn it into a musical, which is fine by me, I would love to watch it and watch again! Until then tho, if any one asks me about it, I’m gonna say what I’m writing here… “Dude, it’s a fabulous album, however, you are not going to last a second session, unless you are totally cinematic with it”! I do believe it’s something you’ve heard in the past as well, every Rhapsody album sounded a bit like this.

It is essential that certain big “suits” in Hollywood get to listen to this work, Turilli is the O.S.T. creator of the future! In case they’re interested, the trailer teaser is ready; “Clash of the Titans”! Album says goodbye with sixteen minutes long “Of Michael the Archangel and Lucifer’s fall”, for which Luca sent to the producer 180 tracks for the keyboards and 90 tracks for the choir! Yep, the Italian is gonna drive us all mad!

Make a movie out of it! NOW!