Lucifer – Lucifer III


After two years of continuous touring and writing, Lucifer returns with “Lucifer III”.

Totally pure, warm production, occult themes, and Johanna’s seductive vocals on the front line. The album confirms their upward course and establishes their new style which was formed when Johanna’s husband, Nicke Andersson (drums, composition) joined the band. That is, 70’s occult rock, which keeps the Sabbath influences to a minimum, while highlighting their love for Deep Purple and especially Blue Oyster Cult / Fleetwood Mac, but also the glam rock of the era. The result is seductive, dark, erotic, doomy and even more catchy than Lucifer “II” (“I” will be is a totally different category in the band’s discography).

One could say that the album is more radio friendly, since there are a lot of Ghost elements in there, but where there is “Ghosts”, there is also a “Coffin Fever” that makes the band’s doom roots visible again. At the point you are rocking with “Stay astray”, there is also “Pacific Blues” that highlights the entire 70’s magic / occult talent of the band to write songs that without any imitation, could get the term Classic! The work on the guitars is very good, while once again Johanna’s voice is in front in the mix, since all the tracks are fixed around her. Highlight is the semi-ballad “Leather Demon”, an equivalent to “Dreamer” from “II”, while finally the band acquires its own eponymous track, which is quite fast and fun!

Friends of the sound must invest without fear, the rest can start from here their acquaintance with the band, which as it seems will interest more and more people along the way!