Lucifers’ Child – The Wiccan


Lucifer’s Child is a new band, founded in 2013 by George Emmanuel (guitars, Rotting Christ) and Stathis Ridis (bass, Nightfall). Soon Nick Vell (drums, Descending) and Marios Dupont (vocals) joined them and this is their first release. They play black metal and strangely their influences are not from the Greek black metal scene. They sound mostly like Satyricon from their newest era. They do not copy them of course, but they are clearly a huge influence to them. Some songs like “A True Mayhem”, “He, Who Punishes And Slays” “Doom” and the self-titled show the band’s capabilities. The lyrics are ritualistic, and it’s easy to understand why. The album was recorded in Athens and it’s distributed by Dark Essence Records from Norway. They have already booked their first live appearances and we have to see if this is a project or if they can keep it as a full-time band (mostly due to the heavy program of Rotting Christ). Check also their amazing video, which was directed and produced by the band’s members.