Lullacry – Where Angels Fear

I’ve had great faith in the Finnish band when presenting “Crucify My Heart” (2003). I believed this was the album to push Lullacry to a higher level, based on their sound and ideas found in it. The album was featuring the sound that was about to dominate; so it happened. “Vol 4”, two years later, was a good album as well, however… it was followed by a pause. The fans forgot all about them, in a time where bands of the sort were releasing albums by the dozen. Felt almost like a crime and the band was punished, when Century Media dropped them.

Seven years after that and completely out of the blue (there was no update by their label or any other promotion company whatsoever) I get to receive “Where Angels Fear”. I would consider such an album satisfactory, if it were about a new band’s debut. However, this is not, under any circumstances, a decent decedent of their two previous albums, after all these years. It’s not a bad album, there are good tracks in there but… We get to listen to several good tracks every day. Based on the feedback of this band, I was expecting something more distinguishing and I didn’t get to see such anywhere in the album. The fact that production is really-really good and crystal is not the only factor to lift the album, when there is nothing much in the compositional sector. Good tracks, I’ve mentioned that before, however, nothing more to that. The only song that I found thrilling was “Broken (Into Pieces)”.

I do not know the reason for such a long absence from active record-making, I just hope for a better continuation and the fact that it’s not too late for Lullacry, as they are one of the bands I deeply value and appreciate.