This is yet another…strange album by George Lynch and Co. And what do I mean exactly by “strange”…? Well, the new album, “Rebel”, features some of the most sensational guitar riffs and solos by Lynch, an outstanding production and flawless musicianship. So what’s the problem, one might ask? The compositions themselves are rather typical and detrimental.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a bunch of good songs that unfortunately fall short due to the fact that you get a feeling that you heard them before. Lynch, once again, gathers all his blues rock influences while the ever expressive voice of Oni Logan is enough to uplift a mediocre song. As for the rhythm section…well, Pilson and Tichy don’t need any special references, right?

The opening track “Automatic Fix” provides the platform for one of the best Lynch guitar solos while the groovy “Between The Truth and The Lie” keeps up in the same pace. But the truly outstanding songs and definitely the absolute highlights of the record are the songs “The Hollow Queen” and “The Ledge”. The former reminds a lot of Alice in Chains (circa 1990-1992) while the latter balances in between Stone Temple Pilots’ “Tiny Music” and Dokken’s “Shadow Life”.

All in all, “Rebel” is a well crafted opus with a couple of great moments without meeting, though, our true (and high, I guess) expectations.

Highlight: In the last few months, one can’t help but noticing George Lynch all over the place…Lynch Mob, Sweet & Lynch, solo projects…next stop…: Dokken?