Lynch Mob – Sun Red Sun


George Lynch and Co. (aka Lynch Mob) returns with a brand new record and the truth is that we have been treated with better studio offerings by the lads over the years. If we had to be absolutely honest and fair to “Sun Red Sun”, if we were to review just another average band, then we could have been more flexible. But this is Lynch Mob we are talking about; an outfit that has given us some of the most inspired hard rock songs since their inception in the dawn of the 90s. So our expectations are considerably great.

“Sun Red Sun” features the exact line-up (Lynch/Logan/Crane/Googan) that has recorded a while ago the “Sound Mountain Sessions” EP. Compared to that effort, “Sun Red Sun” actually pales and doesn’t light any fire on our sound system. The songs are not mediocre but on the other hand they are not extraordinary either. Naturally, there are a couple of highlight moments in there, like the instrumental “Black Waters” where Lynch proves (for the umpteen time) that he remains one of the most flamboyant and impressive guitarists ever.

Also, singer Oni Logan shines on “Burning Sky” and makes a hell of a team with Lynch on this one. However, the rest of the bunch is rather detrimental…typical, blues-based hard rock with not so memorable compositions.

“Sun Red Sun” is not a bad album per se; it’s just below par compared to the vast majority of the previous Lynch Mob records.

Highlight: The title track is a tribute to the late Badlands singer, Ray Gillen.