Mad Sin – Unbreakable


I was very much surprised as I was gazing the posters at local venue An Club when I realized that Mad Sin played there sometime in the 00’s. “Where was I? How on Earth did I miss that?”, I wondered.

Since I never managed to reply to this question I was so relieved when I was informed that the band was playing in Gagarin 205 in 2918. At least I didn’t miss that one! Mad Sin in concert was exactly how I was expecting them to be and the same goes for this album, their first in 10 years.

Although they are an emblematic psychobilly band they don’t confine themselves in any boundaries that the specific genre might suggest. So, in the songs you will listen to a lot country/western elements, even hard rock and heavier stuff. That’s the glory of “Unbreakable”, which if you don’t appreciate when you listen to “Hallucinate”, “Til Death Do Us Apart” and “Memento Mori”, then don’t bother at all. Especially the last one could easily be found in a heavy metal album if the arrangements were a bit different. What’s for sure of course is that this album is made for party! The energy and the passion are overflowing every minute of it.

So, for fans and people who are hooked with the genre this album is a must. On the other hand, if you don’t have a clue what they are all about and you have the curiosity to check them out, then this is a good place to start and will probably turn you into a fan. Either way, all of us will wait impatiently for their next show near us.