This is very surprising! The new album of Madam X a group from Detroit which is associated with names like Petrucci, Vixen and Sebastian Bach. This is the second album of the Americans, after the legendary 1984 album “We Deserve The Right”. Madam X is a hard rock group with many influences from the sleazy hard rock band of the ’80s that of course never reached the success levels of their peers like Motley Crue, Dokken and Ratt. The album “Monstrocity” is a dynamic comeback featured by Maxine Petrucci’s guitar performance and skills, which sounds contemporary and a bit different than their debut with very good production. The first 4-5 songs of the album are weak, but then the compositions are getting better. Tracks that I liked and stand out from the “Monstrocity” are “Nitrous” that the introduction reminds me of Ripper Owens, “Die Trying” and “Good Stuff”. Generally, Madam X of 2017 produced an album that is nothing special, with modern sound and quality. The expectations for “Monstrocity” were great but they weren’t satisfied. Recommended only for historical and collectible reasons.