It’s really sad to see big names from the past not being able to stand for their past, and glorious history. Unfortunately, this is the case for Magnum that seem unable to rise above mediocrity, and inspire feelings other than indifference to the listener on their latest work, “The Visitation”.
Honestly, I don’t feel good writing these things about Magnum, a band with great discography and impressive albums like “Chase The Dragon”, “On A Storyteller’s Night”, and the quite recent “Brand New Morning”. “The Visitation” is weak, with only two songs managing to survive, “Doors To Nowhere”, and “Wild Angels”, that can barely be compared with their past masterpieces, but at least they are pleasant to listen to in 2011.
Magnum will always remain in history as a band that managed to put its own mark with their epic, and fantasy themes, Bob Catley’s distinctive voice, and Tony Clarkin’s restless inspiration, and talent, that gave birth to the band’s entire material as it’s presented on their 15 studio albums. Surely, you won’t slag off a band with almost 40 years of history, and another 32 in making records, just for making a redundant album, since its glory days, where the band owes its existence, are long gone. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, like Uriah Heep, and Scorpions, but unfortunately Magnum are not among them, at least with this album.