Magnum released a new video for “Lost On The Road To Eternity” from the double live album “Live At The Symphony Hall”, which is out on January 18th via SPV. Tobias Sammet appears as a special guest.  “Bob and I have been in this band for quite a while now, but we’ve never lost our passion for Magnum,” Tony Clarkin elaborates. “We want to keep learning new things and are open to tips and advice. That’s why we constantly revise our old songs, sometimes we play them a bit faster, sometimes a bit slower, we change a solo here and a part of the melody there. That way we not only keep our audience interested but also our own enjoyment in these pieces alive.”

“Live At The Symphony Hall” track listing:


01. When We Were Younger (8:00)
02. Sacred Blood ‘Divine’ Lies (6:28)
03. Lost On The Road To Eternity (6:11)
04. Crazy Old Mothers (5:35)
05. Without Love (6:14)
06. Your Dreams Won’t Die (5:42)
07. Peaches And Cream (5:09)
08. How Far Jerusalem (10:46)


01. Les Morts Dansant (5:46)
02. Show Me Your Hands (5:52)
03. All England’s Eyes (4:48)
04. Vigilante (5:24)
05. Don’t Wake The Lion (Too Old To Die Young) (11:43)
06. The Spirit (4:30)
07. When The World Comes Down (6:11)